How to Wirelessly Stream Android Media to an HDTV: doubleTwist AirSync


One of my favorite features in Apple’s iOS platform is the new AirPlay functionality. With it, you can stream videos on a mobile device to either a computer or an AppleTV connected to a big screen, for example. Google Android users can now do the same because earlier this week, the folks behind doubleTwist added this feature to its $4.99 application called AirSync. I’ve long used the free doubleTwist software to get media from a computer to my Android devices, and the new AirTwist functionality enhances the experience by turning an Android device into an easy-to-use media server!


In this brief video, I’ll show an example of syncing music over Wi-Fi from my iMac to my Samsung Galaxy Tab, then wirelessly stream that music to my Microsoft Xbox 360. I also use AirTwist to pipe a video and still pictures to the big screen, right over my Wi-Fi connection. There’s one “gotcha” with the software that I’ve found so far, so pay attention to my video demo. The new AirSync feature also supports wireless streaming to PlayStation 3, so owners of Sony’s gaming console can enjoy the AirSync experience too.

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