ClipCube: A Simple Windows Clipboard Manager


Clipboard history management tools are really handy, especially if you often end up copying and pasting many different snippets of information. I’m particularly fond of Jumpcut, an open-source app for the Mac However, I hadn’t managed to find a Windows clipboard manager that I liked, until I stumbled across ClipCube.

ClipCube is a tiny portable application (there’s no need to install it, just double-click to run). Once fired up, it sits out of the way in your system tray. It’s an unobtrusive, nicely designed app that allows you to check out the items you’ve saved and re-copy them to the clipboard. It’s simple, with little icons that enable you to pin the window, reorder and delete items. It’s not the perfect clipboard manager by any means — it would be nice if it supported images as well as snippets of text (although that’s not a deal-breaker for me), and I’d like to see support for keyboard shortcuts, for example — but it works well and is worth downloading.

ClipCube is free to download and use.

(via One Thing Well)

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