Verizon Network Can Handle iPhone Stress, But AT&T’s Still Twice as Fast


Data released yesterday suggests that Verizon’s network is handling new iPhone customers well, at least at this very early stage. But new data reveals that even though it can handle the load, it’s still far outclassed by AT&T’s (s t) network when it comes to mobile bandwidth speeds.

Ookla, the company behind, gathers data every week about mobile network speeds using its free mobile iOS application. The past week was the first time Ookla was able to compare performance on Verizon (s vz) and AT&T networks side-by-side on a large sample of devices. Here are the results of their findings during the Verizon iPhone’s (s aapl) first week of availability:

In the chart above, “devices” represents unique iPhones running the Speedtest app, and “results” represents the overall number of times a test was performed on those devices. “Download/upload” speeds are represented in kbps and represent the average over the course of testing.

Technically, the Verizon iPhone was always at a disadvantage because it accesses Verizon’s EV-DO Rev. A network, which tops out at 3.1 megabits per second down, while the AT&T iPhone is capable of hitting 7.2 down on AT&T’s HSDPA network. But the Ookla results underscore just how much faster AT&T is in everyday iPhone use.

It’s worth noting that AT&T saw a total of 9.3 million iPhone device activations in the last two quarters of 2010 alone, reinforcing my point yesterday that it’s early yet to go making conclusions about Verizon’s ultimate ability to handle a full-scale load of iPhone users.

Of course, if you can’t get online to take advantage of AT&T’s higher speeds to begin with, the issue may be moot. All numbers aside, the best iPhone is ultimately the one that works best where you want to use it.

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d bob

In Houston and in the surrounding area my ATT iPhone is great outdoors and in the city. If go in a building and use my phone for data I am most often on Edge. When I call home to my wife’s iPhone we get regular dropped calls. As has been said the best phone is the one that works where you live and work. I regularly see people using their Verizon phone on 3g and rarely complaining about dropped calls in those same locations where I am without. Any 3g is better than Edge. I am paying what they are paying.
On release of iPhone 5 I am gone.


Totally unrelated to the story(except AT&T), but here in India media is reporting that AT&T is planning to launch their 4 G services in the Indian market. And are reportedly in talks with Quallcomm for Qualcomm license using LTE.
Any media reports in US on this?


I have never really had any issues with calls dropping on at&t, but I do run into issues with data connections in certain areas around town. I’m making sure to report them as I can!

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