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Telegraph’s Strategic Director Alison Reay Leaves

Telegraph Media Group’s Alison Reay has stepped down from her role as strategic and multimedia partnership director, Mediaweek reports. Where she’s headed to next isn’t known and the company has yet to announce a replacement.

Concurrent with her three-year tenure at TMG, Reay had also served as chair of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP). She previously was managing director of Titan Outdoor and earlier, a commercial director at Yahoo.

Last year, former Editor-in-Chief and MD Will Lewis stepped down after bumping heads with CEO Murdoch MacLennan; shortly after, CIO Paul Cheesebrough left the company as well. They both joined News International as Cheesebrough took on the same title and Lewis signed on as group general manager.

Also last year, The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph publisher hired its first mobile director, newspaper exec Mark Challinor.

One Response to “Telegraph’s Strategic Director Alison Reay Leaves”

  1. Richard Tobin

    Realism is dirty-talk in this game of exerting a premium for content. Cast asunder the realists!

    People will not pay a premium for content (though they may pay for true premium content). They will pay a premium for an enhanced means of normal content delivery. For example if a news subscription package that included an iPhone, iPad, Kindle 3G or such it would be much easier for customers to make a value calculation. That is why people will pay small sums for App’s – they are buying the tool – an enhanced means of delivery. They are not so sure how they would value the media and feel they can get the same for nowt or even do without.