12 Ways to Watch Al-Jazeera English


Al-Jazeera was one of the only TV networks paying attention when the Egyptians began rising up against now-ousted President Hosni Mubarak in January. As unrest spreads to other countries in the region, the network and its English-language offspring Al-Jazeera English is again an essential resource.

However, most Americans don’t have easy access to Al-Jazeera English, because none of the big cable providers carry the network. Fortunately, Al-Jazeera has embraced the Internet, and the network is now available on connected devices, mobile phones and a number of websites.

Check out our list of twelve ways to watch Al-Jazeera English:

AlJazeera.net: The network’s website features a 24/7 live stream of its English-language programming.

Google TV: Al-Jazeera English launched a Google TV-optimized website in early February. The website can be accessed through the Google TV Spotlight Gallery or directly through this link.

Roku: Owners of the Roku set-top box can access Al-Jazeera English through the CDNtwo channel or through Roku’s Newscaster channel, both of which are available in the channel store.

Boxee: Owners of the Boxee Box can watch Al-Jazeera Eglish as well as its Arabic programming through the Livestation app.

Livestation: The U.K.-based TV platform is streaming Al-Jazeera English and Arabic online.

YouTube: Google’s video site began streaming Al-Jazeera English at the end of January.

DailyMotion: Livestation’s feed is also available through the DailyMotion website.

iPhone, iPod and iPad: iOS devices can receive the programming through a dedicated Al-Jazeera English app.

Android: There are a number of third-party apps available to watch Al-Jazeera English on your Android device.

PS3: Livestation’s PS3-optimized version of the Al-Jazeera English feed can be accessed by opening PS3.LIvestation.com on your console’s web browser.

DirecTV & DISH: LinkTV is carrying select live broadcasts of Al-Jazeera English. The feed is available on channel 375 for DirecTV subscribers and on channel 9410 for DISH customers.

Over The Air: Al-Jazeera English is available as a free over-the-air broadcast in Los Angeles and other select markets. There’s doesn’t seem to be a conclusive list available anywhere, but you can always check out DTV.gov to see which channels are available in your area, or you just connect an antenna and give it a try.

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Al-Jazeera English has owned the coverage on Egypt over the last 3 weeks. So-called “main-stream media” outlets should take note, this is how newscasting is done. They should recall as it wasn’t too long ago that the news wasn’t the joke it is now.

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