Vid Biz: Netflix Shares Soar, YouTube Gets Faster, LG Hearts 3-D

Sorenson Media Partners with Kulabyte; the two companies partner for new Squeeze Live cloud encoding platform which, enables high-volume live video encoding for distribution to any mobile device or computer. (Sorenson blog)

Open Letter to Broadcast Dinosaurs Bent on Self-Destruction; Dear brodcasters: We hate to tell you this, but you’re all flippin’ idiots! (ReelSEO)

YouTube Partnering With LG To Create A Mobile Device For 3D Junkies; LG and Google’s video platform are teaming up on a new device to bring the power of 3D filmmaking to the amateur masses on the go. (ReelSEO)

Netflix’s shares soar on Android, Nielsen news; the Web’s top movie-rental service today saw its shares soar 7 percent to $247.55, and set a new all-time high for the company. (Media Maverick)

Speed Thrills – Tackling the YouTube video processing challenge; YouTube is relying on cloud technology to optimize video encoding, and processing times have gotten four times faster in the last six months as a result. (YouTube blog)

Blockbuster Closing Stores, Selling Pre-Owned Movies For 2x What Amazon Sells Them For New; good luck with that. (