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Howard Stern Shows His ‘Private Parts’ On Twitter

It may have been the most captivating series of entertainment tweets since Kanye West took to Twitter with his apology to Taylor Swift. Howard Stern put on an impromptu show Saturday afternoon as he tweeted commentary during an airing of Private Parts on HBO Zone.

Imagine a director’s cut DVD with answers in real time. Stern, relatively new to Twitter with fewer than 200 tweets before today, started tweeting midway into the 1997 autobiographical movie. His first comment: “If u r watching private parts, the general manager was really like this and that outdoor shot is the real radio station.”

A Twitter flood followed, so many that one hapless fan who had Stern’s feed coming through as text messages begged him “to chill with the twittering” — then had to plead for him to continue after other fans complained. Stern’s calm reply to the request: “ok, you got it … thought it might be interesting to point out stuff during the movie.” Once the fan figured out what was going on, he agreed.

Stern not only commented, he replied and he retweeted. (Some examples below.) As he picked up steam, the word spread and fans started to tune in to Twitter and the movie.

Some people who are fluent in one medium don’t know how to handle others. Stern, who enjoys being known as the king of all media, has already shown what he can do in established media. Today, he gave a master class in social media.

Update: Just saw a few comments that reminded me Twitter provides public access to Stern, now on radio only via Sirius XM (NSDQ: SIRI) subscription.