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TubeMogul Clients Now Know Who’s Watching Their Ads

Online analytics and advertising firm TubeMogul is introducing a new feature for clients that deliver ads through its distribution platform: In addition to providing information about the overall performance of their ad units, advertisers can now get detailed demographic data about the viewers that are watching their ads from directly within the TubeMogul dashboard.

By aggregating anonymous user data from multiple third-party sources, TubeMogul is now giving its clients free demographic information about the people who are viewing their ads, with metrics such as age, gender, household income, marital status home ownership and number of children. The data sits alongside other viewership data that TubeMogul makes available, including viewer engagement metrics and geographical information.

For advertisers, the new feature gives them a one-stop destination for gathering information to ensure their ads are being seen by the correct target audience. Previously they relied on demographic data from one or more third-party vendors to validate online campaign effectiveness. But since TubeMogul is taking data from multiple partners and aggregating it, the startup says it has a wider sample base of information to choose from, increasing reliability of the data while also being able to spot and correct errors or inconsistencies in individual data sets.

The ad network world is becoming more and more crowded, as multiple firms seek to serve ads for the rapidly expanding online video market. Most compete on pure reach, but with little to distinguish between them, some are adding technology and features as a value-add to advertisers. The addition of demographic data is a natural next step for TubeMogul, which started out primarily as an analytics firm for publishers but has increasingly focused on providing video ad distribution services. The key advantage to its ad network is the detailed analytics data that it provides advertising clients, and demographic data only ads to that.

TubeMogul has grown pretty rapidly since launching its PlayTime ad serving platform a little over a year ago. The company recently snagged $10 million in a funding round led by Foundation Capital, which it is using to expand its workforce, especially in international markets. TubeMogul now has about 50 employees, and is looking to add another 10 over the coming weeks.

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One Response to “TubeMogul Clients Now Know Who’s Watching Their Ads”

  1. TubeMogul is still in the eyeballs business. Granted, the money is there now but once Facebook/YouTube start to map identities to premium content the Eyeballs vs. Identities war goes into full swing.

    Chris McCoy, Founder