Verizon iPhone Arrives in Stores, Brings Lineups [Updated]

[Updated: Now with gallery, which we’ll be updating through the day with user pics. Check it out below the post.]

Those craving immediate satisfaction probably waited until Thursday to pick up their Verizon (s vz) iPhones(s aapl), the first day the device is available for sale in brick-and-mortar stores. If you did wait, you might have to wait in line to pick up your device, though the size of that line will vary greatly depending on where you are.

Business Insider has a nice little gallery showing lines at various Apple retail and Verizon locations. Some lines seem pretty long, while some are non-existent. Overall, none so far look to match the ones we saw at the original launch last summer, but there are still obviously plenty of people willing to queue up for their Apple fix, which is especially impressive given the weather conditions at some of these locations. One line appears to be in New Jersey, where temperatures are at around 12°F. They had it easy compared to the 16 people who lined up in Fargo, N.D., where it’s -13°F right now. On the other hand, in some warmer climates, there were virtually (or literally) no lines at all, like in Palo Alto, Calif., where only two people are reportedly waiting at the Apple Store for the Verizon iPhone.

Weather may be keeping some home in bed, but there’s also the fact that Verizon’s pre-orders (which may have sold as many as 500,000 units) are arriving at customer doors today, and that online sales began yesterday. The crazy lines surrounding new hardware launches are at least partly due to wanting to be first, so it’s possible customers are happy to wait until online orders ship on Feb. 18 to receive their devices. Also, many seem to be reporting short lines specifically at Apple Store locations, which makes sense because customers could order their devices yesterday for in-store pickup, so they can just go in whenever it’s convenient and collect their spoils.

You can get the Verizon iPhone either at Apple or Verizon Stores (which open at 7 a.m. today in each U.S. time zone), as mentioned, but also at many Best Buy (s bby) locations (which are reportedly getting about 100 units each) and over 600 Walmart (s wmt) locations. If it’s out of your way, call ahead to find out if they have stock, but judging by current reports, I don’t think we’ll see mass sellouts anytime soon.

Is there a line near you? Are you waiting in said line? Share your Verizon iPhone launch day stories with us in the comments.

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