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Verizon iPhone Now Available for Order Online

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If you weren’t an existing Verizon (s vz) customer, you couldn’t get in on the iPhone 4 pre-order that began and sold out on Feb. 3, but starting today, you can order your CDMA iPhone online directly from either Apple (s aapl) or Verizon. In both cases, the expected shipment date for the iPhone is Feb. 18.

The Verizon iPhone pre-order sales are estimated to be somewhere around the 500,000 unit mark, so it’ll be interesting to see how sales of the smartphone go today and tomorrow, Feb. 10, when it’ll be available for in-store purchase at Apple, Verizon and Best Buy (s bby) locations. Users looking to avoid the terror of uncertainty tomorrow can also reserve the Verizon iPhone online at the Apple Store and pick it up at their nearest retail location tomorrow.

What are your predictions for tomorrow? Panicked frenzy or calm, orderly frenzy?

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One Response to “Verizon iPhone Now Available for Order Online”

  1. So we are currently AT&T customers and thought I would see how the pricing plans were for Verizon and if they were better we would switch. Turns out for the same features we have with AT&T we would be paying $50-$60 more a month on Verizon. So, Verizon has made it pretty easy to keep us with AT&T. Plus we have not had any major problems with AT&T so as the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.