Motorola Atrix 4G and Laptop Dock: A First Look Video

A Motorola (s mmi) Atrix 4G review kit arrived here a short time ago, and I quickly set out to capture the unboxing on video, mainly because I received the full monty: the Atrix handset, standard dock, Laptop Dock, wireless keyboard, remote and mouse. The Atrix 4G takes advantage of AT&T’s (s t) HSPA+ network, and when placed in the Laptop Dock, becomes a modular mobile computer. The standard dock, combined with the wireless remote, turns the phone into a portable set-top box, capable of 1080p video playback on a high-definition television set.

I’ll be following up with a full review of the Atrix 4G after a few days of use, so stay tuned. I’m particularly interested in using the Laptop Dock as an all-day computer for two reasons. First I want to see what, if any, limitations are faced with a smartphone-as-computer setup even running on a peppy Nvidia Tegra 2 (s nvda) dual core chip. Second, the experience will tell me if the Laptop Dock is worth the $499 price-tag, although you can bundle it with the Atrix 4G at the same cost.

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