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Ryan Kim gives a good summary of comScore’s U.S. digital year in review report. Full of interesting Internet stats, the report’s definitely worth a download. Its decline of email chart – time spent using web-based email, to be exact – is getting a lot of coverage. Overall usage is down a bit, though it’s flat for 18-24 year olds, who you’d think would be the ones replacing email with mobile mail or social networking. I’d like to see the absolute figures, rather than percentage declines, for teen usage. Though their 59% decline gets headlines, teens don’t use email much in the first place. Now, if texting were down, that’d be a story. Other tidbits: by the end of 2010, Facebook soaked up more U.S. users’ time than any other site, passing Google and Yahoo. And because of that, Facebook also showed more ad impressions. Of course, impressions don’t equal dollars.