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The Trick to Government Clouds? Cowboys, Apparently.

The latest entry in the pantheon of videos explaining cloud computing comes from government IT network MeriTalk and IBM (s ibm), and illustrates how it takes a special kind of vendor to corral cloud servers and make them suitable for cloud computing at the federal level. Apparently, it takes a “cloudboy” — you know, like a cowboy, but adept at wrangling servers and FISMA regulations instead of cattle.

I’ll leave to you to decide if it’s as entertaining as some previous cloud videos that made their rounds in the past couple years — including those that my colleague Stacey Higginbotham rounded up a while back, or the rather vulgar Cloud Computing Consultant — but it does make a fair point. “True” cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (s amzn) and Google (s goog) are FISMA-compliant and are making inroads in certain areas, including productivity tools, but federal agencies, with their legacy applications and mountains of personal data, are probably going to need vendors with ties to the past in order to migrate the brunt of their workloads to the cloud.

Yeah, it invokes a little bit of cloud FUD, but I’m pretty sure Federal CIO Vivek Kundra is the only government IT decision-maker who isn’t generally skeptical about the cloud to begin with. They’ll have to make the switch eventually, so agencies might as well find a cloudboy vendor that speaks their language. It won’t be a revolutionary step in government IT delivery, but it probably will help allay agency fears of data rustlers breaching those new-fangled public clouds.

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