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iPad 2 Said to Now Be In Production; Here’s Why I Believe It

The Wall Street Journal (s nws) is reporting Apple has begun production on the iPad 2, according to “people familiar with the matter.” The next-generation tablet from Apple (s aapl) will be thinner and lighter, with a faster processor, more memory and a better graphics processor, according to the source.

Keeping track of iPad rumors is tough, but there are a few sources that are almost always worth paying attention to. One of those is the Journal, where Apple has been known to intentionally leak advance product information in the past. In fact, immediately preceding the announcement of the first iPad, the WSJ ran an article confirming the device’s existence and promising a January announcement and March release (this ended up falling in early April, but late March could’ve been the original target). Following that announcement, former Apple marketing manager John Martellaro wrote that such articles were often examples of “controlled leaks” employed by Apple to intentionally bolster interest in its upcoming products. Martellaro said that Apple will contact “trusted friend[s]” at major news outlets. The WSJ article announcing the original iPad’s existence was co-written by Yukari Iwatani Kane, as was the one published today discussing the iPad 2.

This definitely feels like an intentional leak, since it’s light on details, busts some of the loftier expectations floating around (no high-res display or Sprint(s s)/T-Mobile compatibility) and mainly re-treads established anticipated features (front-facing camera for FaceTime). It also doesn’t mention any specific dates or timeline for release, but if Apple is beginning production now, a March or April release is most likely, which is in keeping with a one-year update cycle and existing rumors.

One thing that’s conspicuously absent from the WSJ’s description of the iPad 2 is a rear-facing camera. Maybe Apple is of the opinion that it isn’t much use on a 10-inch tablet. What do you think? Would a single, front-facing camera on the iPad 2 disappoint?

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14 Responses to “iPad 2 Said to Now Be In Production; Here’s Why I Believe It”

  1. Agree it’s a leaked article.

    I’m one of those iPad 2 customers who is looking towards a rear-facing camera. If not present I will seriously consider not buying the iPad 2.

    Congrats on a great blog!

  2. Yes, it smells like an Apple leak intended to lower expectation. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that many of those expectations won’t be met by the iPad 2.

    Apple may be trying to preserve the “Wow!” factor for when they finally make their announcement.

    We’re well into the territory of the old (Mel Brooks???) comedy routine with the captains of a u-boat and destroyer trying to out smart each other (“He thinks I’ll do that, so I won’t. But wait, maybe he expects me to think that he wants me to do that and won’t. So I will….etc.”)

  3. My guess is there will be a rear-facing camera too because Facetime is using both. Remember? Also, no retina display does not necessarily mean they won’t improve the res. Bottom line, let’s wait and see.

  4. Owais Malik

    The absence of a rear facing camera would definitely be a disappointment. Augmented Reality apps are a better harder to work with when using front facing camera.

  5. To be honest, hearing that it won’t come with a high-res display is already a disappoint particularly because of the facts it’s competitors have a better screen resolution, granted they’re smaller but still. I think if it doesn’t have a rear facing camera the iPad 2 is going to lose out. I just hope Apple has something up their sleeves to keep their hold on the market.

    • Hamranhansenhansen

      The competitors you are talking about have a handful of extra pixels and a really cheesy, low quality camera on the back, and they are more expensive than iPad. They lack hundreds, if not thousands of features that iPad users take for granted. Even if Apple did not ship a new iPad this year, they would still sell 9 out of 10 tablets.

  6. Cold Water

    BREAKING: the sun will come up tomorrow.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I had no expectation of a heavier, slower, or bulkier new product. This says absolutely nothing.

  7. Tom Carmony

    I think a single, front-facing camera makes sense. It’s needed for Facetime, Skype, etc., but I just don’t see the utility in using a 10″ device to take photos. It’d be far too awkward of a user experience, and not very Apple-like.

    Front- and rear-facing cameras make perfect sense on a phone, but not a larger tablet.

  8. Andrew MacDonald

    I agree with you Darrell, this sure feels like a leak from Apple. Can’t wait for the product announcement and it’s release. Love my current iPad – will most certainly upgrade to the iPad 2 regardless of specs.

    Yes, call me a fanboy all you like.