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Super Bowl XLV Ads: Winners & Losers

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Green Bay Packers prevailed over the Pittsburgh Steelers — but which ads won over viewers? It’s the biggest marketing day of the year, one in which advertisers pull out all stops in trying to create smart, funny ads that connect with consumers. So who had the best and the worst ads during this year’s big game?

As part of its AdZone Super Bowl ad ranking system, Hulu showed off all the advertisements that ran during the big game. At the very top of the Hulu rankings was Volkswagen’s “The Force” ad, which the auto maker released before the Super Bowl and which had racked up more than 10 million views before the game even started. Volkswagen also had a hit with an ad for its new Beetle model, which teased viewers with a silhouette of the new car design.

Doritos had another Super Bowl success with its strategy of showing user-submitted ads during the game. Its “House Sitting,” “Pug Attack” and “The Best Part” spots all got favorable ratings from Hulu viewers. What’s more, two of those ads were among TiVo’s most viewed ads, and social media monitoring firm Semiocast found Doritos to be the most tweeted brand during the game, accounting for 80,000 tweets, 58 percent of which were ranked as positive.

Another ad that created a good deal of buzz was Best Buy’s (s BBY) “Bieber and Ozzy” ad, which detailed the big box retailer’s new BuyBack program. In addition to being one of the second most-viewed ad according to TiVo data, the ad also generated a ton of tweets, mostly from Bieber fans. The tween heart throb was mentioned in 93,000 tweets — but the downside to that is that Bieber was tweeted about more than Best Buy itself, which was mentioned in 29,000 tweets.

Bridgestone’s “Carma” ad was also received very well, ranking second behind Volkswagen’s “The Force” on Hulu’s rating board. The ad was also one of the top 10 most watched ads according to TiVo data. Snickers’ “Logging” ad topped TiVo’s most viewed list, as viewers rewound and rewatched Roseanne Barr getting hit with a log — which also placed it in the top 10 rankings on Hulu’s list.

Tech companies didn’t do too well, when looking at Hulu fan rankings. The bottom two ads according to Hulu ratings promoted’s (s CRM) launch, with only 19 percent and 24 percent saying they liked the ads. Two of Go Daddy’s ads were ranked poorly, with only 30 percent and 40 percent giving them a thumbs up.

And daily deal competitors Groupon and Living Social both had unfavorable ratings for their spots as well. Groupon’s “Tibet” ad had only 36 percent of Hulu viewers giving it a favorable rating, but its “Whales” spot did slightly better, with 43 percent giving it a favorable rating. That ranks it alongside Living Social’s “It’ll Change Your Life” ad, which also was liked by just 43 percent of Hulu respondents.

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