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Super Bowl XLV: AT&T, Verizon Take Jabs At Each Other In iPhone Ads

Both AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) aired iPhone ads during the Super Bowl, and both made the predictable pot-shots that you would expect. Both ads are embedded below.

The Verizon ad, which begins with a larger-than-you-and-me look at the (black) iPhone 4 and, yes, that much-touted Verizon network, ends with a very normal-looking network guy smugly saying into his iPhone, and at the camera, “Yes, I can hear you now.”

AT&T ad also takes the humorous approach but in a more personal way. It shows off the phone’s ability to talk and surf simultaneously, with a spot looking at an overworked exec nearly missing his anniversary and booking a table at an LA restaurant while sweet-talking wifey.