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Vid-Biz: NBC vs. YouTube, TiVo, Viacom

NBC: Here’s Why We Fired the Today Show YouTube Leaker; a staffer who uploaded an embarrassing old Today Show clip was let go today, and NBC isn’t ashamed to admit why. (Media Memo)

TiVo Offers Free Insight Into TV Ad Effectiveness; TiVo is offering a free tool called Ad Scorecard which offers companies insight into the effectiveness of their brands’ advertising. (CNet)

Viacom’s Hulu Deal Stirs Discontent In Cable Industry; the deal is potential problematic for Viacom’s affiliate relationships, one exec says. (Wall Street Journal)

YouTube Attempts To Extend Life Of Super Bowl Commercials: Will Brands Take Notice? YouTube’s Ad Blitz program aims to prove that a combined online and TV ad buy is better than just TV alone. (Reel SEO)

Online Video: Will Subscriptions or Ads Win the Day? In MusicWeek’s analysis, it might come down to premium content. (MusicWeek)

Tremor Media Acquires Mobile Video Ad Platform Transpera; the platform enables the distribution and monetization of web video for mobile. (TechCrunch)