ShareYourOffice Wants to Be a Dating Site for Office Space

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ShareYourOffice is a new website that wants to act as a matchmaker for office space, hooking up people looking for desk space and companies that have spare space available. With a rise in the number of freelancers worldwide, coworking centers have become increasingly popular, but they’re not yet available everywhere. The idea behind ShareYourOffice is to create mini-coworking centers everywhere there are firms with spare desk space. The benefit to the company renting out its space isn’t only financial — in terms of helping to cover the cost of the lease — but also from the kind of network effects and synergies that can eventuate as resources and ideas are pooled, and companies collaborate on ideas together.

The site’s homepage is contains the most recent listings; users can also use the search engine to find suitable space and set up email alerts to notify them if suitable space becomes available.  Each listing on the site has the price (either a monthly or daily cost), location, number of desks available (or square footage), and, optionally, a photo and the category of business. Clicking on a listing takes you to a more detailed page, including a map and  more details about the space available, including the facilities available and a detailed description of what the company does.

The service is new, and scanning through the listings, it looks like there aren’t that many advertisers yet, while many of the spaces that are listed are from existing commercial coworking centers. Whether the site is successful or not will probably depend on being able to make companies with spare desk space aware that it exists, and persuading them to advertise on it.

ShareYourOffice is completely free, both for both advertisers and for people searching for space, although to post a listing or to contact an advertiser you need to create an account. It was put together by the team at faberNovel, an innovation agency, and will be run by its sister company pariSoma, a San Francisco-based coworking community. The site will compete with a couple of similar services: Deskwanted, which is also mainly free and caters for desk space worldwide, although most of it advertisers seem to be in Europe, and Loosecubes, which aims to provide desk and meeting space by the hour day, or month, and is also mainly free.

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I think businesses and companies need every bit of help at this time and the concept of sharing London offices or office space in the United Kingdom is a great idea for this downturn in the world economy especially when a lot of people can not afford an office to rent or let.

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