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TiVo Touts Ad Measurement With Free Web Tool

TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) is so confident about its ability to measure viewing of TV commercials that it’s giving the data away–sort of. The company has launched a website that allows you to check up on how effectively brands can hold onto ad-skipping viewers.

The website is really just a sliver of the data derived from TiVo’s Stop||Watch service, which has been providing paying clients information on how individual commercials retain audience on a second-by-second basis. What “Ad Scorecard” can do is provide a picture of how a brand–but not any one single ad–performs as far back as 12 weeks of marketing over broadcast and/or cable channels.

TiVo has already run some interesting sample results that demonstrate week-by-week performances in the categories of fast food, where Burger King reigned supreme over McDonald’s and Wendy’s, and CBS (NYSE: CBS) triumphed over ABC (NYSE: DIS) and NBC.

By showcasing just a fraction of that capability for free, TiVo is intent on promoting how granular it can get versus competing measurement services like Nielsen at a time when there’s increasing anxiety over the impact of traditional TV advertising.

Stop||Watch is not exactly TiVo’s core capability, but the company is under pressure to maximize revenues out of every component of its operation given the range of over-the-top options it is going up against in the retail space and the difficulties it has faced signing up operators to use TiVo as the interface for set-top boxes.