Oprah Goes Tech Crazy Again, Plugs Aplenty For iPad, Flipboard

Oprah Winfrey

An episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that catches up with forgotten celebrities like MC Hammer might not seem the place for the talk-show queen to shine a spotlight on tech products. But today’s edition was a shill-a-thon that showered precious airtime on previous favorites like iPad and Twitter, as well as introducing new favorites like Flipboard and Zaggmate.

If naming the iPad her No. 1 “favorite thing ever” last year wasn’t enough to send cash registers ringing at Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) stores, surely this exchange she had with Hammer will do that all over again and then some.

Winfrey: “I hear you love your iPad as much as I do. Is it not an incredible invention?”
Hammer: “It’s the best, the best, iPad changes everything. It’s unbelievable.”
Winfrey: “You would say it’s one of the best inventions of our time?”

From there, Hammer segued into an on-stage demonstration of Zaggmate, a case that not only protects the iPad from breaking should it fall, but allows it to be transformed into a wireless keyboard. It’s probably safe to say the plug is even bigger for manufacturer Zagg than winning best in show at Macworld earlier this year.

Perhaps the heavy promotion should have been expected given the rapper has been trying to reinvent himself in recent years as a Silicon Valley guru. To prove his tech bona fides to Winfrey’s audience, Hammer is seen in a pretaped segment (check out the video) visiting the headquarters of Flipboard and CEO Mike McCue. The already buzz-worthy app not only gets a demonstration, but Hammer promoted his own marketing tie-in in which he premieres a new track that has its own gallery on Flipboard.

Hammer also goes on and on about his social-media prowess, and in case you doubt him, he drops founder Jack Dorsey’s name. No doubt Dorsey and a lot of other people in Silicon Valley tonight are going to be checking their traffic and sales figures in the next few days to see if they felt the Oprah magic.


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