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IAC’s Blatt Explains The OkCupid Purchase

Leading his first earnings call since being named IAC’s CEO, a very fast talking Greg Blatt said the company’s $50 million purchase of ad-supported dating site OkCupid would round out IAC’s dating offerings. “Different people at different stages want different things,” he said. Blatt said OKCupid, which lets users build a profile and answer thousands of online tests about themselves to find an ideal match, appealed to a younger demographic than IAC’s other dating sites, including

Blatt acknowledged that he would rather have a user sign-up (and pay) for Match than sign on to OkCupid, which is free to use, but he said that the company was not looking at OkCupid as a “traffic acquisition strategy” for its subscription sites. Instead, he said that while there would now be an opportunity to market Match to OkCupid users, there would also be opportunities to get some users who visited Match but weren’t willing to pay up to head to OkCupid instead. “We really do believe that these are not tradeoffs,” he said.

Blatt may now be CEO, but there was no doubt during the call that Barry Diller, who remains chairman, was still in control. “I’m not exactly going into the rocking chair,” Diller said, although he added that “we will become much more focused, aggressive, ambitious than we have been before.” After Blatt made some general introductory remarks, Diller prodded him to say something about the strategy behind the OkCupid acquisition — and Blatt complied.

2 Responses to “IAC’s Blatt Explains The OkCupid Purchase”

  1. What this idiot doesnt get is that a large margin of users on OKC arent all young and MANY have contributed to its success by fleeing match for a much more superior service! if he messes with the OKC dynamic at all, or tries to integrate any of the crap Match features into the free site he will be killing the goose that layed the golden egg.

    Alas, if nothing else its a nice exit for founders and I tip my hat to them!