Blinkx Aims For Over-The-Top Through The Back Door

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Video index Blinkx may come to the connected TV market more as a feature of other services than by bringing its own services to the devices.

It’s making available an API, so that IPTV applications made by other outfits can offer its videos and ads.

“When you’re watching a given show, it automatically pulls a list of related videos from around the web,” Blinkx CEO Suranga Chantrillatike told paidContent:UK.

Blinkx had already released APIs for its web and mobile video services. Web portals use it to offer effectively white-labeled web video carousels.

Blinkx had come to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV with its own-branded, “Blinkx Beat” service. But, with a TV API, it also aims to be part of the fabric of services made by others.

It has been testing the API with boxes made by Amino and the Miniweb IPTV software.

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Antony Watts

Making APIs available for other UI applications/implementations is the way forward, lets hope the BBC and others come to realise this.

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