Apple’s New Subscription-Related iTunes Terms


As is so often the case when Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) folds in a new service, installing The Daily app requires agreeing to updated Terms and Conditions.

The highlights include a new “In-App” subscriptions section that describes how auto-renewal works, how to turn it off, and, a nod toward something News Corp (NSDQ: NWS) and other publishers have been demanding. Apple “may request permission to provide personal information to the licensor for marketing purposes.” Declining permission shouldn’t affect the purchase.

It’s not exactly the ownership of customer relationships that publishers wantor even co-ownership. Then again, The Daily‘s situation isn’t comparable to the Wall Street Journal or other publications with existing subscribers. This is an app pure and simple from the start — and it’s all being run through iTunes, just the way Apple likes it.

But it looks like this is the subscription process publishers will have to work with. Apple execs at the launch event refrained from answering any specifics about that will happen or about the reports this week that access to out-of-app purchases will be allowed only if also offered in-app.

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