Verizon Brings Mac Support to 4G USB Modem


When Verizon (s vz) originally launched its 4G network, Mac support for its mobile modems was notably lacking. Two months later, Verizon is now offering a version of its VZAccess Manager for Mac software that adds support for the Pantech UML290, one of the network’s two 4G-compatible USB modems. The LG VL600, which also supports 4G speeds, remains unsupported on the Mac(s aapl).

At the time, I was rather short with Verizon for ignoring the Mac platform. It seemed a questionable omission, and became more so in light of Verizon’s growing relationship with Apple, which will see the introduction of the iPhone 4 to Big Red’s network in just a few short days. It’s good to see Verizon finally moving to correct that error.

The latest version of VZAccess Manager for Mac can be downloaded from Verizon’s website. Of course, to use it to connect at 4G speeds, you’ll need to be in one of 38 U.S. markets where it’s available, and you’ll have to have the Pantech UML290 ($100 with a two-year contract) and one of Verizon’s 4G data plans.

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