Turner First Up for Live Streaming on Comcast’s iPad App

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Comcast (s CMCSA) announced a new deal with Time Warner’s (s TWX) Turner Broadcasting Tuesday that will make a wide variety of its cable networks available for authenticated streaming on PCs and mobile devices. So when Comcast’s new iPad app is finally ready to stream live TV, Turner and its associated channels will be available.

The deal extends a relationship between Time Warner and Comcast for multiplatform delivery of content that subscribers already pay for. Under the auspices of TV Everywhere, a strategic initiative that the two companies launched a year and a half ago, cable subscribers are given the ability able to watch on-demand — and now live — content from channels they pay for on their PCs and other devices, so long as they’re logged in.

Comcast launched its TV Everywhere service online in December 2009, and has been working since then to make it available on other devices, including its recently launched iPad app. The iPad app lets users search their electronic program guide, manage their DVR and will also soon give them access to on-demand video content. Comcast also plans to enable viewers to stream TV programming live, but only when they’re in their home and connected to their home network.

Shows from some Turner channels such as TNT and TBS were already available through Comcast’s Xfinity TV Online, but the new deal will increase the available programming, with TNT, TBS, CNN, HLN, truTV, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim now all on board. The deal also extends the availability of those programs beyond the web browser to other devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android-based tablets and phones. While Comcast has led the way with its own mobile apps, the deal also opens the possibility for Turner-branded apps for mobile devices as well.

While Time Warner’s Turner networks will enjoy expanded access, HBO was not announced as part of the deal. Some of the premium cable network’s content is available through Comcast’s authenticated video portal, but it also has its own authenticated website and mobile apps available for users. Since HBO seems fully behind the concept of TV Everywhere so far — and well it should, since parent Time Warner is leading that charge — it’s a little surprising that the premium cable net was not part of the announcement. Even so, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar deal to enable live HBO streaming on the iPad sometime soon.

For a demonstration of the Comcast iPad app at work, check out the video below:

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I work for DISH Network and they have a similar app called the DISH Remote Access app but it’s a little more advanced. The DISH app let’s me watch everything I can watch on my TV, on Apple, Blackberry, and Android devices, anywhere I have internet access. For Comcast users, live streaming is only available in their home network. DISH Network subscribers can view streaming content, recordings, and access thousands of movies and shows across the globe. The best thing is that DISH’s Remote Access app, with all these features, is available today.

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