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Stripped-down Bookmarking With Yummymarks

Ever since Yahoo (s yhoo) announced that it was planning to sell off Delicious, I’ve been looking at other bookmarking services. While I’ll probably end up settling on Pinboard, I came across another useful (and, unlike Pinboard, free) bookmarking tool today: yummymarks. It’s a fairly stripped-down service that simply enables you to save and access your bookmarks from any browser.

There’s no need to create a new account to use it; you can sign in with an existing Google (s goog), Facebook, Yahoo or Steam account (or any other account that provides an OpenID). Once signed in, you’re ready to start adding bookmarks to your account, which you can do via a bookmarklet, a Chrome extension, or via the web interface. You can also import bookmarks from Delicious using the import tool.

Your bookmarks are displayed on your account homepage in chronological order. Each bookmark has a thumbnail (if the service can retrieve one), the domain of the site the page is from, and any tags that you’ve applied. There’s also buttons on each bookmark that enable you to edit, delete, flag or make it private. On the right-hand side of the page is a list of your tags. You can click on any of those to apply a filter to make it easier to find the pages that you’re looking for. There’s also a search feature that can search bookmark titles.

The site also supports simple sharing features; you can pick a username and choose to share your bookmarks at a publicly available URL. However, it doesn’t have the fancier social features, like “following” other users and social media integration, supported by other bookmarking services.

Developer Nick Barrett says the site is just an experiment inspired by the Delicious announcement, but it’s a nicely designed experiment that works pretty well, although at times the site does become unresponsive; it may not be able to handle large amounts of traffic, which seems to be a common problem among many of the smaller bookmarking services. It doesn’t have very much in the way of bells and whistles, but if you’re looking for a simple access-anywhere bookmarking service with tagging, search and limited social features as an alternative to Delicious, it’s worth checking out.

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7 Responses to “Stripped-down Bookmarking With Yummymarks”

  1. You should also try It’s also 100% free, it has a super quick signup and let’s you import all bookmarks from delicious or via xml/html feed. It works really well & represents all my bookmarks with nice screenshots (I imported over 2000 of bookmarks:) And the social part is really nice – besides public/private profiles I get to follow other users I like…

  2. You should try out as well. It’s free and only requires a quick signup. As well as letting you add your own links (via their website, Chrome extension, FF add-on, bookmarklet, etc.), it automatically aggregates links from your Twitter account, Facebook, account, and any RSS feed (e.g., Google Reader, etc), into one consolidated view.

    I have nothing to do w/, I just like it and, like you, sought to switch over to after the Delicious announcement. However, I found after switching to, and I find that I use more since it pulls in bookmarks, and all those other social media link sources.

    Check it out: