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BBC America Piggybacks On Foursquare For Rugby Drive

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Foursquare’s latest media partnership is BBC America. The U.S. TV channel is using the location-sharing tool to drive engagement around its coverage of the upcoming Six Nations rugby tournament.

It has created a Foursquare profile (currently 1,359 followers) on which it has listed over 100 U.S., UK and Ireland bars at which to watch live TV streams of the competition, which starts this Friday.

It looks like a dipping of a toe in to the water for BBC America.

The options will gain on-air promotion and promotion in many sports bars. There is a “BBC America” badge which participants can unlock.

BBCWW has signed New York digital producer Embassy Row to produce associated vidcasts, podcasts and material for

The BBC airs the Six Nations at home in the UK. More engagement for the broadcasts in the U.S. may mean more viewers in sports bars watching BBC America’s coverage with advertising.

One Response to “BBC America Piggybacks On Foursquare For Rugby Drive”

  1. BBC drives engagement for Six Nations Rugby with direct mobile messaging.

    For mobile social, for example, there are 5 key performance drivers. The new mobile social media must: blend with the consumers’ real-life activities; respect their privacy; enhance shared experiences; and offer new and improved features to capitalize on existing behaviors, such as texting and IM; and offer no delays, distractions, check-ins or triple click-throughs.

    The best and most effective mobile marketing will tell a story, keep the conversations real, bring people together, create shared experiences around the brand’s story, and deliver these results.

    BBC should deploy the new social engines that deliver customized messaging to targeted groups, plus direct group and 1:1 chats, without check-ins, distractions, or delays