The paidContent 50: The Most Successful Digital Media Companies In The U.S.

42. LinkedIn


U.S. 2010 digital revenue: $180 million

Snapshot: LinkedIn has grown rapidly over the years, establishing itself as the site where professionals go to share their workplace identities and make new connections — and it is now trying to leverage that success by going public.

It has 100 million members worldwide, up from 64 million a year ago. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is not dependent on online advertising. It generates two-thirds of its sales by selling premium subscriptions and job-related products.

Key digital move in 2010: LinkedIn made its first acquisition ever in August when it purchased mSpoke, a startup whose customers included publishers that used its technology to recommend content for visitors to read. LinkedIn used mSpoke to launch a social news site earlier this month that aggregates stories that people in a specific industry are sharing on Twitter and Facebook. The product was seen as a way for LinkedIn to get its users to visit the social network more often.

How we generated our estimate: The company says nearly 73 percent of its overall revenue comes from the U.S.