Facebook May Push A Third-Party Commenting System

Facebook is reportedly about to launch a commenting system that third-party sites will be able to adopt, in a move that may tie it even closer to media sites. CNET’s Caroline McCarthy says that the commenting system would entail Facebook “handling the log-in and publishing” and automatically “cross-promoting comments on individuals’ Facebook walls, and possibly even promoting them as well on media outlets’ own ‘fan’ pages.” That sounds somewhat more involved than the social network’s current “social plug-in” which allows sites to add a basic comments box powered by Facebook.

Possibly more noteworthy considering that a Facebook commenting system already exists is that Facebook will actually be pushing sites to adopt this new system; McCarthy writes that Facebook is currently trying to get unnamed big media companies to sign-on to it.

Of course, to do so, sites will likely have to drop their existing commenting systems, including those that let people log-on with their usernames from other sites, like Twitter and Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), in addition to Facebook. McCarthy writes, however, that it’s possible that the Facebook commenting system will also allow users to log-in with non-Facebook accounts, which may make a primary selling point of existing commenting systems, like Disqus and Echo, null.

We’ve asked Facebook for comment and will update if we hear back.