MobileTechRoundup Podcast 229


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MoTR 229 is 62:15 minutes long and is a 57 MB file in MP3 format.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Matt joins Kevin and ditches the iPad
  • Custom kernels and ROMs on the Tab: let the hacking begin!
  • 2.1 million Windows Phone 7 licenses sold
  • What will help sell a webOS tablet (hint: apps!)
  • PSP2 revealed with quad-core processor – Android games FTW!
  • Nokia’s declining market share: should it consider another OS?
  • What did Matt order since the last show?
  • New device to talk about next show
  • Other topics TBD, per the live chat room!
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Zack Lee Wright

Like KCT says the best device is the one that is with you. If you don’t have the device with you than it is totally worthless no matter how superior said device is.

I think the iPad is a superior device to any available Android tablet today BUT the Steve MUST RECONSIDER the 7″ form factor and step away from the finger sharpening file.

For the love of god Mr. Jobs, swallow your pride, and release a 7″ iPad puuuuhhhleeeeeeeez !

And while your at it why not a 12″ iPad for the serious business customer ? (You can do this)

With more than 2 million Galaxy Tabs sold, if for no other reason than to thwart the competition, you should unleash a 7″ iPad 2 this year. Failure to do so enables Android to establish a viable beachhead against the iPad which should not be allowed to happen without a fight.

Take a little risk, you can afford some bold actions, like a 4″ and 5″ iPhone 5 and a 7″, 12″ iPad 2. Let the people decide. Yeah it might cannibalize a very small amount of Apple product but more importantly it gives consumer a competitive option to consider so Apple can make a sale.


Could you do something about the 57Mb file of yours which runs for an hour, similar podcast which run for an hour like the one for Computer America is only about 22Mb, In India it takes a looong time to download your files on our GPRS network.

Kevin C. Tofel

Raj, we can take a look at that: perhaps a low-quality version with a lower bitrate. As it is now, we sample down to 128 kbps to keep the file size manageable, but I completely understand the need for a smaller download in areas with slower mobile broadband rates. Let me think about the logistics and see what I can do. Thanks much for the suggestion and thanks for listening to the show!

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