Vid Biz: Seesaw on Boxee, Academy Awards Torrents, Google Trouble

More UK content on Boxee via SeeSaw; The UK video streaming service has begun testing Boxee for delivery of their free content. (The New TV Republic)

Senate Democrats Push For Even Tougher Net Neutrality Rules; Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington), who has been active on tech issues, has introduced a bill that would toughen up the FCC’s net neutrality rules. (paidContent)

Was Jeff Zucker Really So Bad For NBC Universal?; Why is that we get so snippy when it comes to Zippy, to borrow Leslie Moonves’ favorite nom de putdown for Zucker? (paidContent)

2011 Oscars: Pirates Have to Wait Longer for Fewer Leaks; 20 of the 29 films nominated for Academy Awards are now available on BitTorrent in DVD quality. (TorrentFreak)

BitTorren…; Google has blocked the search terms BitTorrent and uTorrent from its Autocomplete suggestions. BitTorrent Inc. is not amused. (BitTorrent blog)

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