Where to Watch YouTube’s Life in a Day Premiere

Eager to see what the world was up to on July 24, 2010? Well, tonight Life in a Day, the crowdsourced documentary culled from over 80,000 submissions, premieres at the Sundance Film Festival — while also available via live-streaming on YouTube (s GOOG). Tonight’s live stream begins at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT, rebroadcast on Jan. 28 (check the YouTube listings for exact time zones).

The 28th will be the last time it’s possible to see Life in a Day for a while — thanks to a pick-up by National Geographic Films, Life in a Day will premiere theatrically on July 24, 2011, exactly one year after the day that was chronicled by contributors to the project.

Credited to not just executive producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin MacDonald, but “the YouTube community,” Life in a Day promises to provide a global picture of the world using the microcosm of daily routine. According to the official press site, the 20 filmmakers featured in the film, who are attending tonight’s premiere are as follows:

  • Massoud Hossaini – Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Cristina Bocchialini, Ayman El Sayed Hassan – Cairo, Egypt
  • Soma Helmi – Bali, Indonesia
  • Hiroaki Aikawa, Taiji Aikawa – Tokyo, Japan
  • Marek Mackovic, Okhwan Yoon – Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Alberto Rauizo Gonzalez, Cain Abel Tapia Chavez, Aveliro Tapia – Arequipa, Peru
  • Renat Ardilanov, Alexander Bayturin – Moscow, Russia
  • Patricia Marinez del Hoyo, Toniu Xou, Virginia Salvado Segu, Araceli Segu Muste – Barcelona, Spain
  • Boris Grishkevich – Zakarpatska, Ukraine
  • Harvey Glen – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Caryn Waechter – New York, NY – United States
  • Christoper Brian Heerdt – Naperville, IL – United States
  • David Jacques – Woonsocket, RI – United States
  • Betsy DelValley – Urbana, IL – United States
  • Bob Liginski, Jr., Bobby Liginski III, Catherine Anne Liginsky – Grayslake, IL – United States

But all of the additional footage from all of the other 79,980 filmmakers is still available on the Life in a Day gallery, browsable by an tagging system implemented by the team which catalogued all the submitted clips.

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