Apple’s Verizon iPhone Pages Temporarily Live, Plans Detailed


Good news for those eagerly awaiting the Verizon iPhone: Apple has created ordering pages for the device via its online retail site. The pages guide you through the process of ordering a new iPhone 4, and were momentarily live before Apple realized they were publicly accessible and pulled the plug.

Before Apple took down the pages, I had the chance to go through the ordering process. When they eventually return, you’ll first be asked whether or not you’re an existing customer, adding a new line, or signing up for a brand new contract, and then you’ll be taken through a number of plan configuration options.

The first configuration option is choosing a voice plan. Options include $39.99 a month for 450 minutes, $59.99 for 900 minutes (and 5 friends unlimited, any network) and finally, a Nationwide Unlimited offering for $69.99. Family sharing minute plans are also available.

You can also choose from two data plan options. The first is the $29.99 unlimited plan we reported on yesterday, and the second is a $49.99 plan that includes unlimited data and 2GB of usage with mobile hotspot or device tethering. Message plans begin at pay per use, and range up from $5 a month for 250 messages, to $10 for 500, and finally to $20 a month for unlimited.

Apple’s probably just getting its assets in place in order to prepare for the much-anticipated Feb. 10 launch of its smartphone on the Verizon network, and making sure all the kinks are worked out in advance. The company neglected to notice the fact that the pages were available to all, which gave us a nice little appetizer for the imminent launch. We’ll see them back live soon enough, and no doubt they’ll be heavily frequented when that happens.

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