Jan. 25: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s a cloud computing grab bag today, with everything from Amazon Web Services’ new Simple Email Service to debate over cloud APIs to VMware warning that profit margins will stay about the same through 2011. The bigger theme to these seemingly unrelated stories is the steady maturation of cloud technologies and pricing models.

Why Utility Computing Failed (But Cloud Computing Didn’t) (From Fountainhead) It’s funny how fast stuff changes, and how a couple years can make all the difference in the world for acceptance of new technologies. Utility computing and cloud computing have a lot in common, but one never took off.

Cloud APIs Are Like Military Parades (From William Vambenepe’s blog) More from the ongoing debate over whether the type of API really matters. The experts are weighing in, and it’s looking like the answer is “probably not.”

3 Skills a Data Scientist Needs (From O’Reilly Radar) The math and programming skills go without saying, but being able to visualize results in understandable ways might get overlooked.

How the New Amazon Web Services Bulk E-Mailing Offering Compares on Price with the Competition (From ReadWriteCloud) Amazon’s new mass-email service is noteworthy for a variety of reasons, but this look at its pricing compared with competitive products is telling about how AWS loves economies of scale.

VMware Warns Margins Static for 2011 (From Reuters) If VMware is really forgoing larger profit margins for advanced engineering, it deserves credit. With free virtualization tools abound, restrictive pricing will have repercussions.

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