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NSI Marketing Services Buys Lead Gen Provider Razor

For major publishers and ad agencies, the concept of getting marketers to even consider the internet as a branding vehicle has been a hard-won struggle for the past few years. But as it stands now, internet advertising isn’t about just raising awareness or making incipient positive associations in the minds of consumers. It’s about driving direct marketing and that’s where NSI Marketing Services is looking to with its acquisition of lead gen specialist Razor.

In a statement, Mark Mantovani, St. Louis-based NSI’s president and CEO, who will lead the integrated company as well, said that Razor’s data and customer analytics for sales leads will fit nicely with its ability to manage third party marketing programs and creating interactive sales and marketing tools.

The deal comes amid a number of high profile acquisitions and initiatives that have been designed to bridge the gap between online and traditional media as a branding vehicle, such as AOL’s recent purchase of creative display ad builder Pictela.

At the same time, there’s been a great deal of funding activity for the past year around companies in the ad targeting space. While that may be where the attention is right now in terms of the press, the traditional business of internet advertising continues, resting mostly on basic levels of tracking users through click-throughs. Release

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