@ NATPE: Epix To Launch TV App

Cross-platform pay-TV venture Epix announced Tuesday at the NATPE conference that it is developing an app that will allow its subscribers to access all of its programming through connected TVs. Whether that will be a first in the pay-TV category will likely depend which premium channel gets there first, as Epix didn’t disclose which TV manufacturers will be its partners or when it will come to market.

Epix executives previewed the app at a press conference in which chief digital officer Emil Rensing demonstrated that the software was capable of doing everything EpixHD.com can do, from categorizing programming by genre to providing basic video navigation. The apps can even facilitate ordering Epix itself, but the viewer must subscribe to a multichannel service that carries Epix. “We’ve built this little user interface that gives you the same programming experience we deliver on the website,” he said.

The move should be expected given Epix has pledged from launch to break out of the traditional channel format and deliver programming wherever consumers are, regardless of platform. And as CES recently demonstrated, an increasing number of programmers are starting to experiment with presences on over-the-top TV, but they are typically positioned as sources of bells and whistles that serve as a companion to programming rather than the source of programming itself.

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