Google Prepares To Buy Twitter Based ‘Sentiment Analyst’ fflick

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) may have been experiencing some changes at the top in the past week, but it’s acquisition binge continues unabated. The latest appears to be fflick, a company that uses Twitter posts to map out “sentiment analysis” — “what people are thinking, saying,” in other words — about movies and other entertainment.

According to Techcrunch, which first reported the news, says the deal is for around $10 million and is expected to close this week. Fflick and Google reps did not return messages seeking comment.

What’s not clear is whether Google will keep the fflick brand alive or simply shut it down and look for a way to fold the services in to its other analytics offerings.

While fflick was initially focused on movies, hence the name, it has been considering other forms of entertainment to train its analytics on.