@ DLD: James Murdoch: ’99 Cents A Week Makes Sense’ For The Daily

The Daily, still on track to launch in the next few weeks, will surprise people with its “depth and quality,” James Murdoch told DLD attendees. He talked up the 99-cent weekly subscription as a “very good price that makes sense.” But, he admits, no one really knows what will work for the News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). iPad publication. (More on UK pay efforts here.)

“The pricing models for apps and paid journalism in general is developing,” says Murdoch, including whether or not to bundle with things, offer packages or tiers. But it has to be “super simple, easy as possible, and a great value for customers.”

How many customers does The Daily need? “We’d like to see quite a lot of customers but we don’t know the pace of it. A weekly subscription is a very different animal. … We have high hopes for it in the U.S. marketplace.”

Bild‘s Kai Diekmann, the interviewer, mentioned finding out on a recent visit to The Daily’s offices in New York that it has 126 people on staff already.

Google: Murdoch said the mood has changed when it comes to discussions with Google (NSDQ: GOOG), where issues like compensation that weren’t on the table 18 months ago are in play now. “The conversation today are more constructive. Whether it comes to a good conclusion, we’re not sure yet. Maybe it doesn’t work.”

Either way, there’s more competition. “The good news is there’s enough out there where you do a have a competitive dynamic about different models.” And sounding a familiar Murdoch refrain: “We need publishers to assert the value of the copyrights more in general.”

The video covers much more News Corp. ground.

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