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@ DLD: James Murdoch: ’99 Cents A Week Makes Sense’ For The Daily

The Daily, still on track to launch in the next few weeks, will surprise people with its “depth and quality,” James Murdoch told DLD attendees. He talked up the 99-cent weekly subscription as a “very good price that makes sense.” But, he admits, no one really knows what will work for the News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). iPad publication. (More on UK pay efforts here.)

“The pricing models for apps and paid journalism in general is developing,” says Murdoch, including whether or not to bundle with things, offer packages or tiers. But it has to be “super simple, easy as possible, and a great value for customers.”

How many customers does The Daily need? “We’d like to see quite a lot of customers but we don’t know the pace of it. A weekly subscription is a very different animal. … We have high hopes for it in the U.S. marketplace.”

Bild‘s Kai Diekmann, the interviewer, mentioned finding out on a recent visit to The Daily’s offices in New York that it has 126 people on staff already.

Google: Murdoch said the mood has changed when it comes to discussions with Google (NSDQ: GOOG), where issues like compensation that weren’t on the table 18 months ago are in play now. “The conversation today are more constructive. Whether it comes to a good conclusion, we’re not sure yet. Maybe it doesn’t work.”

Either way, there’s more competition. “The good news is there’s enough out there where you do a have a competitive dynamic about different models.” And sounding a familiar Murdoch refrain: “We need publishers to assert the value of the copyrights more in general.”

The video covers much more News Corp. ground.

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37 Responses to “@ DLD: James Murdoch: ’99 Cents A Week Makes Sense’ For The Daily”

  1. I refuse to watch Fox videos on-line due to the 30 second ads repeated “ad nauseum” after every single video, the same exact ad, it’s unbelievable. I refuse to stay with a TV news longer than 7 minutes because GEICO is on every single channel, radio station, the web, flyers in the mail, unsolicited mail, and even at the grocery store, how I long for Warren Buffet to succumb to senility and someone with half a brain takes over his conglomerate and puts an end to all things GEICO. Sorry, off topic. 99 cents per week for a newspaper? Uh, if they have a seat on the NYSE, I’m shorting the stock. The Drudge Report is the single best news service in the universe and it’s free.

  2. Not Braindead

    What makes the most sense is to kick Ruppert Murdoch, an Australian who lives in China, and his yellow journalistic propaganda machine right off the planet….

  3. WSJ isn’t a model for regular news. People who are loaded will pay for finance related news, median income in the United States is $34,000. If they can get their news for free on CNN guess what they’re going to choose?

  4. 54 a year is too high. I get all my news free from fox, cbs, nbc, abc. All you gotta do is look at their webpages. I don’t mind ads if I don’t have to pay for it and the add doesn’t force me to watch it.

  5. Scrapper

    Pay for internet news content will not fly. Ask FT.
    Everyone is always trying re-invent the wheel… just post ad banners to the side and say what you gotta say. Unless it is left wing hack journalism (Democrat propoganda) it will be fine.

  6. The Drudge Report is free and has proven content for over a decade. I might consider paying half of what I pay for the Drudge Report, but I still won’t access the content.

  7. @tom reynolds Remember, by supporting opposite points of view, and shining the light on on GOVERNMENT intrusions, the cochroaches scurry for the shadows.

    Support and pay for the truth. It will serve you well.

  8. Tom Reynolds

    Murdoch has had the correct business model before, however, I’ll not pay $52 a year for any part of his news service. I could not afford to read the number of sources with a fee like that, $15 would still be high.
    I would really be upset if I paid for news and then when you really need information, Liberman’s proposed law would allow Obama to turn the internet off. Remember, once the camel gets its nose under the tent, soon he will be in the tent. GOVERMENTS alwasys describle their intrusions as minor and only to be used in a sever emergency to protec us. Well, the one procted is the despot.

  9. @Phoebe McPhee, Where do you get your news??? What you are saying if it is not free you are not interested in information. How do you make decisions, with only the “Free Press” papers from the street corner?

    @ soqueesh “Take to the streets and start burning stuff if ALL PRICES and TAXES DON’T COMEDOWN!!!!” Were will the money come from to pay your welfare, free health care and unemployment???? Please come my way…I will be locked and loaded and waiting for you!

  10. $52.00 dollars a year–with additional tier charges!!! Bite me. We already pay far too much for internet access, cable tv, and ridiculous cell phone rates!! We don’t have anymore money!! People will take to the streets and start burning stuff if ALL PRICES and TAXES DON’T COME DOWN!!!!

  11. Grace-Marie Turner

    James Murdoch has a global view of the media business that is extraordinarily impressive, and he understands and clearly articulates his vision of an information age that is seamless between digital and old media platforms for distribution of content. It’s very encouraging to see this interview with this leader of a new generation of the media market. And his positive outlook is most encouraging.

  12. Phoebe McPhee

    $52 for read online? Too many options, really dumb idea, especially in this economic climate. Will he drop all the ads? I refuse to watch news videos because of the :30 ads preceding the news video…don’t watch on TV – why would I watch on the web?

  13. james murdoch has clearly earned a seat at the table of potential successors for rupert, and he is equally clear the one to beat (sorry lachlan and other News Corp execs). articulate. smart. engaging with Kai (Bild) throughout this conversation.

    i like his grasp of News Corp’s businesses around the world, and the business environments with respect to political, business, and consumer landscapes. impressive.

  14. You do get what you pay for, and as with most of the internet content freely available you must expect nothing.
    With this, if a publication seems too partisan or bombastic the subscribers can in effect vote with their credit card.This seems like a reasonable start, will be very interesting to see how it goes.