Jan. 24: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Two trends dominate today’s links – Java and stock prices. Some big names in trading have data center operators and Salesforce.com set for falling share prices, and in the world of Java it’s a neat infographic and more claims of Google lifting code for Android.

Is the IaaS/PaaS Line Beginning to Blur? (From Forrester Blogs) I think the answer is yes in the short term, but that abstraction is the answer ultimately. But with skill sets not yet evolved, there has to be some mix of IaaS control with PaaS abstraction.

Cramer’s Dismal Data Center Track Record (From Data Center Knowledge) It looks as if CNBC’s Jim Cramer is back on his anti-data-center horse, advising viewers to sell stock fast. He might have been right about Equinix, but data center stocks are up big in general.

Salesforce Shares Set to Tumble – Barron’s (From Reuters) It’s difficult to argue with this forecast, especially considering how much Salesforce.com is expanding its business lately. Not that it will earn less money, but traders can be fickle.

Google Accused of Copying More Oracle Java Code (From The Register) This case keeps getting more interesting, and now it looks as if Google might have done even more than it was initially accused of. Is it possible Oracle is actually the good guy in this suit?

The Java Ecosystem [Infographic] (From ReadWriteEnterprise) For anyone interested in the Oracle vs. Java world fight but not well-versed in who’s who, this is a great infographic. Oracle owns Java, but it’s not the only company or organization that matters in its future.

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