The Morning Lowdown 01-24-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) had an interesting weekend, which served to distract from last week’s news about CEO Steve Jobs taking an indefinite medical leave: the iTunes App Store reached 10 billion downloads and [CNET, New Enterprise]

»  As the prepares to launch its metered paywall, details about the specifics continues to leak out, such as the roughly $20 per month subscribers will be asked to pay. [WSJ]

»  AOL’s so-called “Flipboard killer” Editions news app is using a scatological marketing campaign to build interesting [Forbes]

»  Jason Calacanis appears to be switching gears with the launch of “Mahalo 4.0” on Tuesday, as the company will “pivot from human-powered search to……. :-)” And that’s all he would say, for now. [Business Insider]

»  Among the Tribune Company papers, the LA Times is arguably having one of the toughest periods in terms of the lack of appreciation of its hometown audience. [NYT]

»  As regulatory and legislative activity governing privacy and ad targeting continues, expect a lot of collaborations among internet ad companies to form. The latest involves online ad tech firm Collective is partnering with Evidon (formerly Better Advertising) on powering ad notices for more than 28 premium publishers and advertising networks powered by Collective’s AMP media management platform. [Adotas, Release]

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