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New Service Hopes To Simplify Maze Of Web Video Formats

Google’s announcement this month that Chrome wouldn’t support the popular H.264 video format was a setback to the idea of a simple unified standard for online video. But those rifts could be good news for, a new service that launched today. president Jeff Malkin says he wants to be a “super simple” way to encode video into 14 different formats that cover every possible web browser and mobile device. Every video uploaded will get its own URL that can be shared with users. The video content will be transcoded into various formats, and when someone accesses the URL, will detect what type of browser or device the person is using and show the correct video.

The service is free for now, and Malkin says he’ll be launching a Pro version, and API access, in a couple of months. After the Pro version launches, he says high-volume publishers will be able to generate hundreds of URLs. The company has a video explaining the service. is in private beta right now, but readers can try it out by using the code HNY2011.