appMobi Raises $6 Million To Grow Its App Development Platform

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As the market for mobile apps matures but also continues to expand, the industry is giving more attention to those companies creating tools to better navigate the app landscape. One of these — mobile app development platform provider appMobi — has just raised $6 million in a Series B round from angel investors.

appMobi has created a kind of one-stop shop for apps: it offers a cloud-based platform — the world’s first, it claims — for developers to create apps, and it provides various tools to enhance those apps, such as advertising, payments and analytics solutions.

appMobi also has a professional services division which works with publishers wanting apps, and even carriers wanting app stores, but lacking the resources to create them in house. Clients have included Aol and Fox News. In all, appMobi says 8,000 developers have worked with it on iOS and Android apps.

appMobi was created out of FlyCast, which develops audio and video streaming services for mobile apps. In 2009 FlyCast had raised $2.1 million from unnamed investors to expand its mobile offerings.

Today’s round of funding for appMobi was first reported by TechCrunch, and will be used to hire more engineers and expand marketing efforts.

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App Developers

This is exciting news. It is all moving to become web based and Idea Apps is already promoting web based apps. Can you imagine having one app developed that can download on any phone and the platform no longer matters?

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