Jan. 21: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s an interesting collection of links today, most of which are focused on money — specifically, Google’s sky-high Q4 infrastructure spending and AMD’s continually dismal performance compared with Intel in CPUs and Nvidia in GPUs. There’s also a great analysis of the PaaS market post-Elastic Beanstalk and a look at Heroku’s recent security hole.

Amazon Mooches as It Bets on Java in the Cloud (From rand($thoughts);) This is a great assessment of Amazon’s new PaaS offering and what it means for both Java and PaaS. I think the author’s right about how it’s new PaaS competitors will react too — with differentiated value to justify higher prices.

Heroku’s Security Slip-Up – Is It Time for a PaaS Security Certification Standard? (From ReadWriteEnterprise) There’s something to the idea of a PaaS security standard, although I don’t know how formal it has to be. Actually, it might be difficult given the multiple flavors of PaaS now making their ways into the market.

Google Spending Soars on Real Estate Deal (From Data Center Knowledge) If we subtract its $1.9 billion “office space” purchase, Google actually spent a little less on capex this quarter, reversing a several-quarter upward trend. I still think there’s more to that purchase than it’s letting on, though.

AMD Needs Answers for Intel’s Server Onslaught (From ZDNet) It really does, and it will need an answer for the upcoming ARM server onslaught, too. Actually, maybe ARM is the answer for AMD, which hasn’t proven itself capable of competing in x86 recently.

AMD’s Next GPU Computing Move (From HPCwire) Or maybe GPUs are AMD’s answer to Intel. The latter now has a cross-licensing deal with Nvidia but, as this article points out, AMD has lots of GPU intellectual property.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Dmitry Baranovskiy.