Jan. 20: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


If today’s links are any indication, we could see some serious changes to IT practices and trends once considered nearly untouchable, or at least on the cutting edge. There’s a call for PaaS evolution, talk that Cisco really does fear Xsigo, fears that automated trading environments might have grown out of control, and even stats showing Rackspace nipping at Amazon’s heels in web hosting.

PaaS Shouldn’t Be Built in Silos (From Nati Shalom’s blog) As with every Nati Shalom post, I note that he’s pushing, essentially, for what GigaSpaces already offers. Still, he makes some very valid points, although I wonder if they’re feasible for PaaS providers trying to host millions of applications.

State of the Cloud – January 2011 (From Jack of All Clouds) If this is accurate, I’d say kudos to Rackspace. Still, AWS appears to be earning far more revenue than Cloud Servers, and who knows how Joyent and GoGrid are doing. If revenue is the measure, maybe they’d look better.

Cisco’s 800 Pound Data Center Gorilla: Xsigo (From NetworkWorld) Cisco might be trying to beat Xsigo now, but it’ll join them soon enough. I’d argue the LineSider acquisition is a step in that direction. Plus, virtual I/O will give Cisco a point of differentiation from others, such as HP.

Spending for Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting to Surpass $13B in 2014 (From In-Stat) If managed hosting is included, I can buy $4 billion for IaaS in 2014. I can think of two firms in particular that already combine for about a billion by themselves.

Algorithms Engulf Wall Street (From HPCwire) It’s a scary thought that we have algorithms essentially running Wall Street, and that are too complex for even computer scientists to understand. I’d add, though, that mining web text doesn’t stop at news, but expands even to Twitter.

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