The Giant Sucking Sound in Greentech: China


We’ve covered China’s rapidly exploding greentech markets — from electric vehicles to solar to wind to the smart grid — ad nauseam on this site. But this afternoon I’m just really struck by how much China is starting to dominate the conversation in greentech sectors. Here’s a round up of todays news, with a couple of our stories from last week. Perhaps all the attention stems from Obama’s first China state dinner in 13 years, which will be held on Wednesday:

  • China Mints Two Wind Billionaires, As It Overtakes the U.S. in Capacity – Forbes
  • California’s Solar Power Increasingly Chinese Made –
  • Evergreen Solar’s Exodus to China – Solar Industry Magazine
  • Special Report: Is a Solar Trade War About to Flare – Reuters
  • Duke Energy, China’s ENN Join to Develop Green Technologies – Bloomberg
  • America Turns to China for Partnerships in Clean Energy — NPR’s Marketplace
  • GE Plans to Announce Projects (Rail, Clean Energy, Aviation) in China Yielding $2.1 Billion in Revenue – Bloomberg
  • Applied Materials, Peking University, the China National Energy Administration (NEA) and the DOE are bringing the Solar Decathlon to China – release.
  • The Key to China’s Smart Grid Market: Partnerships – Earth2Tech
  • Big Chinese Wind Power to Ring In 2011 – Earth2Tech

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Steve Stillwater

Katie, Thanks for pulling these news items together. It is impressive, even scary, how quickly China has moved into Cleantech. It is also frustrating to watch how China plays both sides: In parallel with touting its efforts to develop new Clean Energy Technology, China is commissioning a new coal-fired power plant every week.

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