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Netflix Enrages Subscribers By Limiting DVD Queue

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Converting to a streaming-only business isn’t easy, as Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) discovered Monday when the company’s blog was bombarded by complaints over its decision to remove the ability to add to DVD queues from connected devices.

Jamie O’Dell, director of product management at Netflix, may want to get an intern to start his car tomorrow after offering the following gem of corporate gobbledygook on the Netflix blog:

We’re doing this so we can concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly. Further, providing the option to add a DVD to your Queue from a streaming device complicates the instant watching experience and ties up resources that are better used to improve the overall streaming functionality.

Though the ‘Add to DVD Queue’ option will still be available at, that didn’t stop hundreds from voicing considerable displeasure that they can’t use everything from their iPhone to their PS3 to manage their queue.

“With all sorts of streaming devices out there the computer is becoming more and more obsolete, this seems like a step backwards,” noted one concerned sub named Luke.

Raged another sub named Hal, “Sorry Netflix, I love you but this is idiotic. Hire some developers that know who has the premium accounts and who just has streaming access. It should all go by log in. This is a dumb move.”

What many subscribers called out Netflix on was its gradual dismantling of its disc business as more and more of its video delivery gets devoted to streaming. With its recently altered subscription model clearly steering customers toward digital-only delivery, Netflix is forced to undergo the painful process of alienating the core customer base that may still want to hang onto discs and don’t want to be weaned off. “When the optical media goes, so do I,” pledged Jason.

Netflix needs to proceed with great caution in how it unwinds its disc business or risk losing a chunk of the subscribers on which it built its booming empire. The company would have probably been better off figuring just what new functionality they were going to bestow on their subscribers once they “untied” resources, but it’s too late to un-ring that bell.

100 Responses to “Netflix Enrages Subscribers By Limiting DVD Queue”

  1. Thumbs up Netflix!

    I support this 110%.

    Physical media is obsolete, no need to keep it alive longer than it should be. I wholly welcome this with open arms, streaming is the only way i watch video anymore (no cable tv or dvd/blueray player). I have my audio system hooked to my computer. Watching online is just as good as a the sacred “dvds”.

    All of the people that will “rage quit” netflix is insignificant to the better service that can be made by licensing and upgrading to steaming content. Look at the US postal service, it’s about to collapse. Why should Netflix continue to service a dying industry? Can the tech zombies all just go ahead and unsub now so they can just get back to focusing on the real future of video content. It’s pretty ironic that people will take the time to go ONLINE so that they can wait 1-2 days for a movie instead of just getting it instantly.

    These are the dying words of the DvD tech zombies captains going down with their sinking ship.

    “I’m a loyal customer netflix RAR RAR RARRRRAR *ALLCAPSSPSP*”
    -Great me too, time for you to goto a company that specializes in your archaic special needs.
    “It’s slow loading”
    -Based on your internet speed buccaroos, my evil online movies load faster than I could take a disc out of a case and load it into a tray.
    “I don’t like the CURRENT selection”
    -Me either, I wish Netflix had more money to spend on online streaming Liscences instead of catering to tech zombies.
    “My internet bandwidth cap would exceed with streaming all movies.”
    -Buy a non bandwidth capped internet that seems pretty straight forward???? or just goto Walmart and dig through the bins of DvDs is your other option from now on.

  2. Rifat Avigdor

    I am Netflix customer since they started . Its a shame I dont want to download anything if they continue in this stupid idea that everybody should download ,they will download their redslip with me and many more then they can imagine Greed is BAD

  3. jo slattery

    I monitor my Netflix list regularly and there is not a single choice I have made that is available for instant play. Instead of new releases/classics and BBC mystery shows (which are my main picks) will I be subjected to old Vin Diesel movies and TV shows I’ve never heard of? I think not.
    Once in a blue moon I will watch an episode of Eureka I might have missed on my computer, however, it is not a comforting as sitting on my couch watching several MI5 episodes in a row. Doesn’t that count for anything

  4. I believe Netflix should have the option to do what it wants and that people have the option to choose a movie provider. I just finished setting up my home theater system with a BlueRay player included, and if Netflix drops the DVD disc rental, I will simply go elsewhere to rent a DVD movie, it’s that simple. I do not know why everyone is making such a big fuss about Netflix dropping its DVD rental option, Netflix is not the only company out there, or is it because people have gotten fond of Netflix? I own several laundromats, I do not own a cell phone because I do not need one, I can be found pretty much anywhere because I am in close contact with friends and family, besides who is going to call me just to tell me a machine is down? I am sure the customer can simply figure out that he or she should use another option, such as using another machine, hopefully within the premises. Which I think Netflix is hoping on as well.

  5. Gregg Lebovitz

    I think it is a really really stupid business move to take away the scheduling feature as your first step to eliminating DVDs. Product Management 101 says don’t take away features in a new release unless you can replace them with something better. You are not doing that. First you need to beef up your online streaming selection. 80% of the movies I want to see are only on DVD. I AM AN EARLY ADOPTER. Do you really want to piss me off?

  6. Angry panda

    I am not going to pay boat loads of money every month to watch slow-loading B-rate movies that I can only watch through a website on my laptop. Do you know what a pain in the arse it is to connect my laptop to a monitor? No thanks. I’d rather pay Redbox’s shitty late-fees. Well, not really. I have a perfectly nice video store in my town, so you can eat your lame “watch instantly” or Redbox’s “healthiest lung as a late-fee” movies.

  7. the only issue I have with this whole thing is…. Most if not all new releases are not available for streaming and most of the movies I have in my DVD Que are only available via DVD. If NetFlix can have the whole selection and I mean ALL of what they have then I will not have a problem at all. pS. I am a customer and if this is what they are planing to do is limit what we can watch because they cant offer new releases then humm i might jsut cancle and head back to the Blockbuster or red box kiosk.