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FT’s Paid Digital Subs Up 71 Percent In A Year

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The Financial Times released its own audience figures…

  • “206,892 paying digital subscribers … up 71% year on year.”
  • Daily print circulation: 390,121 (ABC: Dec 2010) – was 485,102 in 2000.

The digital figure is for online-only subscribers, and omits newspaper subscribers, who receive digital access (£519.48).

It therefore includes standard (£233.48) and premium (£337.48) consumer subscriptions and enterprise subscriptions from corporates like banks to the publisher’s platform-agnostic model, and e-reader subs on devices like Kindle.

We know FT Publishing made £130 million from digital in 2009, which it finished with about 120,500 digital subs. So expect a corresponding income increase from 2010.

The iPad app was downloaded 430,000 times between April and October and was responsible for about a tenth of the new subs taken over the year, CEO John Ridding said recently.


One Response to “FT’s Paid Digital Subs Up 71 Percent In A Year”

  1. Richard Tobin

    Which goes to show when addressing a business and professional market there is ‘half a chance’ of knocking in a nail upon which to be reasonably confident of hanging a hat.

    The business/professional customer’s perception of the ‘cost/benefit’ equation is more tangible; the payout can be seen to be less than the payback because it is easy to relate both to monetary values.

    This is the hurdle to clear with consumer oriented media.