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As MySpace Sputters, Where Will Musicians Congregate?

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Even as MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) has floundered in recent years, it’s hung on to an important user base-artists, particularly musicians, who have relied on the site to provide them with a digital home on the web and a place to showcase their work. Now that the site has laid off half its employees, some folks are wondering if the site is in its death throes. If MySpace’s downhill slide continues, where its small but most-important constituency-musicians-will head?

The most logical destination would seem to be the truly dominant social-networking site: Facebook. But Facebook just hasn’t caught on among musicians in the same way MySpace has, at least not yet. And it doesn’t have the same tools to play or discover new music that made MySpace so popular for music fans, even though the latter’s own tools were far from perfect.

Other possible destinations abound, and, unlike during the heydey of MySpace, the web has a bunch of high-quality music services now. Those sites include The Sixty One, Sellaband, Bandcamp, Pledge Music, Tunecore and But none of those sites have the userbase of a MySpace or a Facebook. And there’s a question as to whether there are simply too many of them. If it’s about really connecting with users on the web, no band is really going to want to do that at seven different sites. That would create a fractured landscape for fans and musicians alike.

“Ultimately, MySpace is leaving a big hole,” writes musician and PR guy Christian Ward. “The site did focus attention, however briefly… Are we going to get lost in all this noise?”

The MySpace phenomenon suggests there’s some desire among musicians to serve a single site where music fans come together. For now, it looks like the online music landscape will be more fragmented. But there’s surely opportunity for a service that can reduce that fragmentation.

12 Responses to “As MySpace Sputters, Where Will Musicians Congregate?”

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  2. I agree with the comments about about artists moving to having their own web presence but our belief at is that the site should feed content automatically to other sites such as Soundcloud or blog sites that get aggregated into sites such as Hype Machine that promote new music to new fans.

    I’m really amazed that so many bands still use mySpace when it has let them down so many times and plaster adverts across everything. We build the get-ctrl platform to address these issues and made it free to use.

  3. Richard Tobin

    Looks to me like a job for Spotify. I get an ear for plenty of new music via Spotify – I have no idea if they are a best selling flavour or some up-start Indie – if I like the feel of it I play it. And if I play it,well, the band automatically earns. Sounds like a win/win to me for all but the soon to be extinct record labels who just wish the world would stand still so they could just carry-on with their coprophagous habits.

  4. I’m with Cecilia, Rootmusic/Bandpage is where things are headed. People are so focused on Facebook and Twitter at the moment that it would be a serious uphill battle to corral a significant amount of users onto a music based social networking site and keep them logging in regularly. Facebook is where people are and Bandpage is the best way for artists to get the most out of their pages on Facebook.

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