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Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, YouTube Mobile, BBC iPlayer

Comcast Said to Face Online-Video, Web Conditions to Seal Purchase of NBC; Comcast may have to provide TV programs to online competitors and wouldn’t be allowed to interfere with subscribers’ Web traffic to satisfy regulators vetting its planned purchase of NBC Universal. (Bloomberg)

YouTube Brings More Ads To Your Phone, Next To Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa; YouTube will start running videos from Vevo — and it will run ads with those clips, as well as a few thousand other clips. (Media Memo)

BBC Will Refuse Requests to Build Bespoke iPlayer Versions; The Beeb will turn down requests for bespoke versions of the iPlayer for use by single platforms unless its costs for development and maintenance are fully reimbursed. (Broadband TV News)

Networks Warn Comcast, Dish About Streaming Content on iPads; Some network groups say their current arrangements don’t cover the use of their content on tablets, while distributors argue their case. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Study: LTE Can Knock Out Cable TV; A new technical report commissioned by Ofcom finds that LTE services operating in the 800MHz frequency band can interfere with — and possibly punch out — cable services. (Light Reading Cable)

PBS iPhone App Streams Frontline, NOVA, More; The public broadcast network has launched an app for the iPhone and iPod touch cleverly called “PBS for iPhone,” and it’s available as a free download from the App Store. (Zatz Not Funny!)

The Clicker Chrome Extension: A Simpler Way to Search; The extension will let users search Clicker from your browser whenever and wherever they’d like. (Clicker Blog)

Cord-Cutting Is Viable, Even Cable Execs Do It; Back in August, Time Warner Cable PR executive Jeff Simmermon offered confessed he had been a passionate cord-cutter and survived without cable for 18 months on the job. (MediaPost)

FCC Likely to Require Comcast to Unbundle Data Service; The requirement would force Comcast to offer cable modem service as a stand-alone offering without requiring customers to also purchase video or voice service. (Connected Planet)

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