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Adknowledge Raises $200 Million In Debt, Equity Financing

Ad network Adknowledge has raised a huge $200 million in a combination of debt and equity financing with a particular goal in mind: buying more companies as it seeks to build up its ability to tap into inventory across mobile, video, content sites, and display.

Even before this huge financing, Adknowledge had been on something of a buying binge. Last summer, it added affiliate sales to its list of offerings by acquiring Los Angeles, CA.-based Hydra. That was Adknowledge’s eighth acquisition in less than three years.

JMI Equity led the equity investment, while Bank of America handled the debt financing.

The Kansas City, MO-based company claims to have to ended 2010 with twice as much revenue, roughly $300 million. The company says it’s focused on connecting advertisers to placements on casual gaming, email, social networks, display, mobile, and on “domain inventory.”

“It’s easy to advertise with Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Bing and Facebook, but much tougher to reach the rest of the Internet because it’s so fragmented,” Adknowledge CEO Scott Lynn said in a statement. “We believe there are currently too many intermediary companies that make it very confusing and inefficient for advertisers to buy and execute their advertising campaigns across the tail. With this new investment, we will continue to further our goal of creating a ‘must buy’ marketplace for online advertisers.”

2 Responses to “Adknowledge Raises $200 Million In Debt, Equity Financing”

  1. BTW- This money is to payback the founders and stakeholders Looks like the executives are ready to cash out!

    Adknowledge got really really lucky …$300 million in revenue…that’s a stretch. 2010 Acquisitions include barely $1 million a month Hydra for reportedly $14 mil. 2009 acquisition Includes SuperRewards for approx. $50 Million and then a year later Facebook Credits gets rolled out! I think they can claim $300 million in revenue because as a payment gateway to Game Developers, SuperRewards can count all transactions towards revenue …even though that money goes straight back to publishers. I hope they buy a cool mobile company…they could use it !

  2. That’s a whole lotta cash. What’s the end game? Who will acquire this middle-man for 1b +? Can they IPO? Their business is not very well protected. Good team but this valuation is insane…someone got sold a whole lotta nothing for a whole lotta money.